Forgiveness 360 is an ongoing media project and annual symposium that looks at the process of forgiveness from many angles. We look at it from the viewpoint of bio-medical science (cardiology), and the Social Sciences (therapy). Then we look at it from various spiritual traditions: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, Buddhist, etc. We also look at it from its impact in society, such as forgiveness in restorative justice (both victim and perpetrator), felony voting laws, and coping with Holocaust (European, Native American, Rwandan, etc.). This is not theology from the academy; it is lived theology from the lives of people who have done it.



Forgiveness is a deep subject, and any attempt to corner it, to proscribe it or tell other people how they should feel is doomed to failure. F360: Perspectives is an ongoing series of video interviews where we ask people about their own personal experience with forgiveness. It may be about how to deal with chaos, or trauma; it may be just about being good to your cardio system and reducing stress. For some of our guests, it is a main focus of their professional lives. If we understand forgiveness to be a process, as part of how we live, then we can illuminate our understanding through the testimony of those who deal with it. Here are some examples. PERSPECTIVES


The Forgiveness 360 Symposium is an annual series of performances, discussions and films dealing with issues of forgiveness. The Forgiveness 360 Symposium takes place at Concordia University in St. Paul, Minnesota. We hope you can join in the conversation, and be a part of this movement to make a more forgiving world. SYMPOSIUM | 2012 | 2013


In addition to an ongoing partnership with tpt through which we co-produce television programs dealing with issues of forgiveness, we are developing new partnerships with local and national thinkers, artists and advocates to address the broader questions of forgiveness. TPT


Executive Artistic Director for F360, Dean J. Seal, an ordained Minister in the Presbyterian Tradition to Interfaith Dialogue through the Performing Arts, as well as Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, speaks widely on issues of forgiveness. This includes educational packages for institutions of higher learning, high schools, communities of faith, as well as non-profits and corporations. Please contact us for more information.