It is our goal to use the gallery and the experiences it provides to sow seeds of interest in art of all kinds, and grow a love of art in the community.

Our Art Interactions project proposes expanding the reach of The Sower Gallery into the growing community of seniors in senior living facilities in Chaska and surrounding towns. We believe that in-depth art viewing experiences could be one path to the validation and lifting of spirits that many seniors need.

To administer this project, we invite groups of seniors from their facilities to have an encounter with art in the gallery, led by a trained docent. Docents are experienced not only in art history and art as a process, but also in a specific process acquired through docent training with Museum Sage, at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. They lead participants “into” a work through the conversation, dialogue, and the use of personal associations. Docents are also trained in the process called Time Slips, based on the knowledge that conversation, storytelling, and using the imagination is not only validating for older brains, but also helpful in struggling with memory loss.

As the project grows, we would be adding in interactions with art that include not only verbal responses, but writing and hands-on art for those who can.

Support for this project has generously been provided by a Congregational Development Grant from the Presbytery of the Twin Cities. If you are interested in more information or getting involved, please contact us.